lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Even Elfs watch bugs!

For those who enjoyed “The return of the King”of Tolkien’s trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” I recommended to watch in detail the scene in which Arwen return to Rivendel to ask Elrond, her father, to reforge Narsil, Isildur’s sword, then called Andúril. In this scene, between 37’:39” and 37’:55”, Arwen entered in a arbor where his father was writing. It is possible to see a rare gadget that looks like a magnifying glass of Elfs mounted in a platform made of wooden rods. Here is a picture of the movie in which I have drawn a cyan rectangle to show it. 

 A nice view of Rivendel

 The magnifier glass of Elf with Arwen showing her back

Yes, I have seen this movies many times ....

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