lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Diversity of ground dwelling ants. Part II

On 2009, when I started this blog, I posted in ongoing projects about our research of biodiversity of ground dwelling ants at National Park of Iguazú. 

This research was inspired by an advice E.O Wilson gave to me, in Barcelona, during the XIX International Award of Catalunya 2007. He said “It is all to be done in Misiones”. I kept this in my mind. Now, we have our first checking list of National Park of Iguazú, Misiones a hot spot of biodiversity due to the patient work of Priscila Hanisch, the student in charge of identifying the ant species. She Defended successfully her undergraduate thesis last year. Well done Pri, we are proud of you!! You can find our paper at research gate.

That’s me talking with Wilson during a nice lunch he shared with a group of Spanish myrmecologist at Barcelona.

At our University the tradition is to prepare some special “mixture” of things to throw it to those who finished its degree. Pri looks beautiful with all the sparkles,the paint on her face and some petals of roses.
One month before defending her thesis Priscila won a grant to do her PhD thesis. Now she is working at the Museum of Natural Science of Buenos Aires, under the supervision of Dr Andrew Suarez from the University of Illinois. Her main goal is to record the biodiversity of Ponerinae ant species of Argentina and in particular,characterize it´s diet and venon composition of the species in the rain forest of Misiones.

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