martes, 18 de agosto de 2009

An ant-biker, the begining
When I was an undergraduate student in Buenos Aires, I should travel for 1 hour by bus to go to University. I was really fed up of wasting time inside a bus so I decided to go by bike. At the beginning, I felt pretty weak on my bike. But after a few months, I was able to go to the University in just half an hour. I became an enthusiast of biking. I knew some boys that invited me to do mountain biking. That was on March 1997 when I found something else that makes me fell as passion as doing science. I began to participate in mountain bike races until 2000 year.
Participating in a race at Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, 1998

After July 2000 I hadn’t to much time to train because I was working, studying and I had began with my thesis. So, I decided to leave sport. However, on November 2001 I got my diploma on Biology and we (Pablo and me) went to Spain because I wanted to do my PhD there. After seeing the lovely mountains of Barcelona something inside me suddenly woke up with a strong force. Mountain bike had resuscitated!
I didn’t have time during the week to ride a real bike so I decided to go to a gym and do spinning (indoor cycle). I think I should look like a hamster running inside their wheel. At weekends, I rode with my friends from Badalona (, a city close to Barcelona and sometimes participated in rallies (marchas as they call in Spain) or just went to new places.

Riding to the top of Puigmal at Pirinies, 2900m above sea level!

This was one of those wonderful days when you feel the mountain allows you to see the world from the top. I should confess that I have tried two times to arrive to the top of Turo d' Home... In winter 2006 was the third time and I got it!

I think it is important to be in well fit if you want to do your field work efficiently and then arrive at home to have a normal dinner and to talk with your family instead of vanishing itself on the bed due to the fatigue. One other hand, sports allow me to know new people and to disconnect myself from work. Usually I say: “sports are cheaper than psychologists”.

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